Monday, July 16, 2007

Kamal's Jinx

Disclaimer: First of all to all Kamal Haasan fans, please don't take offense to my below post. Its just a post which arised out of acute boredom. I am also a big time fan of Kamal and watch his movies FDFS.

Have you people noticed something about Kamal's heroine's(female leads) in his movies. There was thought I was having that they somehow do not get enough project once they complete a movie with Kamal. Again, I may be wrong. But to highlight a few:

>Vasundhara Das- After Hey Ram she got more offers for her singing and acted perhaps one movie with Ajith(I don't know whether it was before Hey Ram or after). Though her singing took off,her acting crashlanded.

>Vasool Raja- Sneha's carrer after Vasool Raja has been limited to Saravans Stores and that odd Shaam movie.

>Vetaiyadu Velaiyadu- Jyothika's marriage was announced at the time this movie was about to be released and she got married after SOK released.

>Virumaandi - Abirami's last swansong I guess. No where to be seen. Hoping to see here soon in the small screen.

>Anbe Sivam- Kiran who?

But the first four points had one letter in common. That is 'V'. I think it is jinxed for Kamal's heroines. So please get a few hints from small screen serial makers and adopt a new letter.


Rajesh Anandakrishnan said...

Wow, I have been thinking it for long and you wrote as blog. Good one and interesting.

Ram said...

@Rajesh:i was thinking about this for a long time too.amazing isnt it that somehow his female leads go out of work after his movie.even simran had a hit in new after 5thanthiram and then got married.

Siva said...

very interesting observation.. dint realise but seems true.. looks like there is some jinx.. :)

Ram said...

@Siva: Yeah.Thats why Asin must book as much movies she can before the same fate befalls her.

(Note: If you are a Kamal fan then to be take in a lighter note)

Anonymous said...

Looks like this topic holds good for north Indian actress as well. Manisha after Indian,Raveena after aalavandhan?


Ram said...

@Chandru: Manisha acted in a small role in Aalavandhan as well. But Thalaivar padam(Baba) oda orediya avanga career over. Can't blame Thalaivar for the flop of Baba though, she looked older than him in the movie.