Wednesday, November 01, 2006

New York Nagaram

I have been reading a few posts lately about the song titled 'New York Nagaram' in the movie 'Sillinu Oru Kadhal' not having been shot in New York. The reason for the complaint being the song starting with the line 'New York Nagaram urangum neram'. There is no where in the song which depicts the region of New York. The lyrics are so beautiful which explain the pangs of separation between a married couple. My only query is just because the song starts with New York Nagaram does it really have to be shot in New York. We had Vijay and Jyothika singing 'Dimskattai' in some foreign locale. Why didnt people complain then that a song like that should have be picturised in some village location in India. Finding fault is very easy but to actually go and do something requires lots of guts.