Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Long Letters

Its been three years since I finished my college. I wouldn't say I was popular in college but I was just another average guy. I had a few friends who have now flown to America to follow their academic pursuits and for work as well. Its been a long time since I have been in touch with them. When you start working in a corporate then you slowly start forgetting them.

So when one of your best friend goes to the US and writes you a long mail by telling his/her experience of even going to the nearest phone booth or the pizza shop, you feel great that there is someone to write you such long mails.

The last time I received a long mail was an appreciation from my onsite team by by giving me more work. No am not cribbing about my work. Rather I am happy that there are my friends who write such long letters and tell me that they are there.

It is indeed a wonderful feeling. If you have had such an experience then narrate it in my comments section. (But that too hardly happens, because the only visitor to my blog is yours truly).

Kaun Banega Crorepati

Its been just two episodes since the new look KBC with a new host has started and there have been a lot of bashing about it. I don't seem to understand the people who criticize it. Well they have all the rights to express their opinion but the comparison being made is ridiculous. Had KBC started off with SRK as its first host and then later had he been replaced with Amitabh, am damn sure the same people would have still cribbed about how Amitabh is hosting it now. The bottomline is that people want to crib. Though giving away a costly Tag watch would seem like a publicity stunt but atleast SRK had the guts to do it. Am not comparing Superstar AB and King Khan but what I want to emphasize is that do not compare them too early. Give SRK a few more episodes to gain some confidence and then go to back to do what you do the best. CRIB. Perhaps SRK is the only film actor who is loved to be hated.

But folks the bottomline again is that the name of the show may be Kaun Banega Crorepati but the reality maybe "Khan" Banega Crorepati.