Monday, November 16, 2009

Desi identifier

How to identify a desi in US - Part I

1) Toyota Corolla
2) Honda Civic
3) Honda Odyssey
4) Acura MDX
5) A cart full of grocery items lying unattended in the middle of the aisle

The three letters - MLM

There are three letters that I dread a lot nowadays that I am in US. No, its not Flu. Its called MLM.

I know bits and pieces of the concept, but I am really not interested in it. It a game of cat and mouse that goes in WalMart and other groceries stores with Indians hounding other targets to pull into their MLM business. Just today I saw a family trying to hound us by following us to the same aisles that we went to and I know this for a fact because they have already tried talking to us on MLM. Hey, I am not against people earning an extra buck, but not at my privacy and space.

It all starts with an unsuspecting smile and then they come closer and say a hi. If you reciprocate then you are doomed. They test the waters by throwing up the similarity of the geography that we belong to in India and then move on to the local area that you reside in. Then they figure out that you are in IT and start off with some IT funda to lend credibility to their intentions. Once you start talking a lot they systematically get your phone number and email id and then throw up the idea of MLM at you.

This is the moment when it dawns upon you their real intent and have to excuse yourself from the situation by faking a mobile call. I got punked by them a couple of times and I have learnt my lesson from then on.

If the men are into MLM then the ladies on H4 have setup a beauty parlor at their home and hound you no less than their male counterparts.

Gees, I dread nowadays to go these nearby shops in fear of such people. They dont restrict this behaviour among desis alone but also try their luck at a few native people.

I know that we are facing a recession and having a job is difficult, but please choose some other ways of earning money than this and respect my privacy.