Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Awarding titles

I just now read a disgusting piece of article in a website about a certain "Bollywood" actress being awarded a Memorial Award for her outstanding contribution to "Indian" film industry. I mean if only the person on whose memory this award is being given heard it she would have turned in her grave twice. What kindof criteria is her "outstanding" contribution based on? There are lots of good actresses who have given many a sterling performances when compared to this particular actress. Maybe she can be given this award after proving herself in the silver screen for another 10 to 15 years. But certainly not now. If the award is being given on the basis of Indian film industry then there are many actresses in other regional languages who must be conisdered. By awarding this certain actress the award the institution is embarrasing itself. May God save us. Amen.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Phunny englis

Talking about people making writing funny and stupid comments about one's success in life, I think this takes the cake

1) "Behind every successful man there is a woman". Mrs.XYZ is behind of Mr.XYZ successful life.

This is a a true statement written in a website. Indeed she is behind his successful life.

Talking about rules in colleges, this one is the best :

1) Boys and girls should not talk in the bus. There should be not exchange of notes between boys and girls and vice versa.

2) The boys are not allowed to come with french beard.

Why would any one frame such kind of rules????? God save the world.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Curtain Call

Currently listening to eminem's curtain call. Man what lyrics and music. Especially the 8 mile soundtrack. Watched the movie a few months back on star movies. I loved it. But could not catch the end 30 minutes because i fell asleep. But it was awesome nonetheless. Wish Indian film makers could take a leaf out of hollywood movie makers. I know there are many talented Indian directors but I am talking about the people who give movies every week without any stories just like those EK KKKKKKK serials with only a minimum change in the title. Cmon gimme a break. When I see those promos on TV all these hotshot directors tell it is a very different story and nobody in Indian cinema would have witnessed anything like this I get really pissed off. Yeah I know nobody would have witnessed any crap like this before in their life. I guess time has come for the audience to draw a curtain on these pointless movies and move ahead. All that we want is 21/2 hrs worth spent and laugh our heart out and think about nothing else rather watching a stupid movie and compund our misery.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hmmm.... Yawn.........

What do you call a person who wakes up at 5.30 on a saturday morning and goes to work...(I know you have lots of names....but please pity me). Forgot my ID card at home itself. They didnt let me into the office without an ID card because I am new here and didnt let me in. Security wanted me to authenticate myself by asking me to call up my supervisor. I called up my collegue and made him my supervisor.....Then gained entry into the office and found a setting very similar to the sets in you get to see in horror flicks...(Perhaps some hint to M . Knight S to choose such places to make better moves than the one he recently made)...By the way what was he trying to do in that movie...tried to make a scary movie and ended up scaring audiences away from the theatres....Perhaps more than the movie, audience very scared at the prospect of him becoming an author that threatend them to stay away from the movie hall.....

Friday, August 04, 2006

The Story of the Mutton Piece

Today went to have egg biryani at a Chettinad restaurant here. Man I should have suspected when the taste was too good that there was something wrong. Still I went ahead eating and then I found a piece of non-vegetarian item. Me being Strict eggitarian I was pretty upset looking at the piece in my food. Asked the waiter why is there a chicken piece in my biriyani. To add salt to the wound he said "Sir it is not Chicken, Its mutton". This was the heights of honesty(Wish our JS could be like this.....still not revealing the black sheep or perhaps is the mutton that sheep or goat or whatever) . What more could I do???? Just gave him the money for the 3/4ths that I ate and left. All this happened because I thought variety added spice to life(I have been having full meals for 4 straight days). But it was more spicy than expected..... :-(

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Travails of an ordinary man

If you travelled by share autos in Chennai you would know what is the limit of irritation. The local FM channels blaring their way on and the driver having a horn savvy finger, it is very difficult for a man to survive such an ordeal daily. Add to the list the long traffic jams that one has to endure for hours. Perhaps if JS travelled by this he might end up naming the black sheep.(By the way the episode is dragging more than an EK KKKKKKKKKKK Serial on the television). Other forms of Public tansport must be improved to help people else who knows very soon I might have to consult a psyhciatrist(by the way why do they have complex spellings????Find it difficult to even spell)........ :-(