Sunday, June 17, 2007


Why does God do this? Is this a question that you have asked yourself many times? What have you done about it? Do you see people dying around you? Do you see people who kill themselves for a minute of pleasure using a drug called tobacco? What have you done to stop it? All that we can do is close our nose and walk away? Do we really care what happens to that person after that? Do we care about his family?

Do we care if a vehicle emits poisonous fumes at its free will? Do we care to do something for our future generations? We can criticize a lot of people but can we do something about it? Can we open our eyes in the morning to a tranquil atmosphere where there is harmony and peace?

Right now I want peace and good health and I am willing to give up anything for it. Join my hands please. If there is anybody who is reading this, please join hands with me. Time is less and lets change this world a better place to live in.

A truly better place. Lets give back to our children good health and a nice planet bereft of any kind of illness and violence.