Monday, July 16, 2007

Kamal's Jinx

Disclaimer: First of all to all Kamal Haasan fans, please don't take offense to my below post. Its just a post which arised out of acute boredom. I am also a big time fan of Kamal and watch his movies FDFS.

Have you people noticed something about Kamal's heroine's(female leads) in his movies. There was thought I was having that they somehow do not get enough project once they complete a movie with Kamal. Again, I may be wrong. But to highlight a few:

>Vasundhara Das- After Hey Ram she got more offers for her singing and acted perhaps one movie with Ajith(I don't know whether it was before Hey Ram or after). Though her singing took off,her acting crashlanded.

>Vasool Raja- Sneha's carrer after Vasool Raja has been limited to Saravans Stores and that odd Shaam movie.

>Vetaiyadu Velaiyadu- Jyothika's marriage was announced at the time this movie was about to be released and she got married after SOK released.

>Virumaandi - Abirami's last swansong I guess. No where to be seen. Hoping to see here soon in the small screen.

>Anbe Sivam- Kiran who?

But the first four points had one letter in common. That is 'V'. I think it is jinxed for Kamal's heroines. So please get a few hints from small screen serial makers and adopt a new letter.

Share Auto Predicament

Getting a share auto from the place where I work at 6:00 pm is as rare and impossible as Kamal and Rajini working together. Even if I manage to get one, I end up getting the most dingy seats in it. This happened last week when I was returning home.

As usual there was big fight for seats and people were booking their seats using whatever they could lay their hands on. Some people used kerchiefs,some used their wet umbrellas. I somehow managed to edge two people while they were involved in a fight as to who will get the lone seat by sneaking between them. Then followed a real predicament. I was sitting in a seat which was surrounded by women(read as Sisters in my girlfriend's perspective). Now I had to adjust myself in such a manner that, I had to ensure that no part of my body touched the women. My legs where bent in a 56 degree angle and both my hands were formed in a 'X' position. Now to compound to this issue it was raining outside.

This is when nature began to play its part and I had this urge to sneeze. If I sneezed then my body will surely move and will end up touching one of the women. Now to consider the immediate repercussions of such a blasphemy:

1. End up getting a glare from them 'As how dare you violate my chastity by committing such an act?'

2. Stop the share auto at the next Women's Police Station and file a case against me.

3. Can't even think of any more terrifying thoughts than this.

So, I resolved this sneeze can be done as soon I reach home and with great difficulty suppressed it. But, it does not end there. I had read some stupid forward that suppressing a sneeze can rupture your veins. But, couldn't really take it seriously because thinking that I have a lot of veins in my body so loosing one is not a big deal than go through the embarrasment of going to the police station.

P.S: I didn't sneeze when I went home.

P.P.S: Please find an illustration of where I was seated in the share auto. Also forgive my painting skills.

Monday, July 09, 2007


Memento Facts:
(Spoilers Ahead)

Fact No.1: He is using Sammy's identity to mask his own shortcoming.

Fact No.2: He unknowingly killed his own wife by giving her an insulin overdose.

Fact No.3: He killed Teddy because he had cheated him into killing Jimmy for his drug dealing.

Fact No.4: Teddy always wants to drive Lenny's car because it has 2 million dollars stashed
away in the rear of the car.

Fact No.5: Natalie shows Lenny the picture of herself with Jimmy and tells Leo that Jimmy was
killed by Teddy.

Overall a fantastic movie to watch. Ghajini was nowhere close to this. Sheer class and perfection. Amazing scripting. True treat for viewers.

Guy Pearce brings about a charm to the character.

The DVD opens with a question and answer format and then lets you watch the movie.