Monday, July 16, 2007

Share Auto Predicament

Getting a share auto from the place where I work at 6:00 pm is as rare and impossible as Kamal and Rajini working together. Even if I manage to get one, I end up getting the most dingy seats in it. This happened last week when I was returning home.

As usual there was big fight for seats and people were booking their seats using whatever they could lay their hands on. Some people used kerchiefs,some used their wet umbrellas. I somehow managed to edge two people while they were involved in a fight as to who will get the lone seat by sneaking between them. Then followed a real predicament. I was sitting in a seat which was surrounded by women(read as Sisters in my girlfriend's perspective). Now I had to adjust myself in such a manner that, I had to ensure that no part of my body touched the women. My legs where bent in a 56 degree angle and both my hands were formed in a 'X' position. Now to compound to this issue it was raining outside.

This is when nature began to play its part and I had this urge to sneeze. If I sneezed then my body will surely move and will end up touching one of the women. Now to consider the immediate repercussions of such a blasphemy:

1. End up getting a glare from them 'As how dare you violate my chastity by committing such an act?'

2. Stop the share auto at the next Women's Police Station and file a case against me.

3. Can't even think of any more terrifying thoughts than this.

So, I resolved this sneeze can be done as soon I reach home and with great difficulty suppressed it. But, it does not end there. I had read some stupid forward that suppressing a sneeze can rupture your veins. But, couldn't really take it seriously because thinking that I have a lot of veins in my body so loosing one is not a big deal than go through the embarrasment of going to the police station.

P.S: I didn't sneeze when I went home.

P.P.S: Please find an illustration of where I was seated in the share auto. Also forgive my painting skills.


Rajesh Anandakrishnan said...
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Rajesh Anandakrishnan said...

Its funny dude. I can think of share auto in chennai. ha ha.. forwarded this link to my friends too. Good fun.

Ram said...

@Rajesh:share auto has become my mode of travel on a daily basis and you can see characters daily.its actually fun if we see the lighter side of it.And thanks for the forwarding,my comment section was as arid and dry as the thar desert.

Siva said...

seriously? do you have to book seats in a share auto like we do in an unreserved compartment in a train or in a bus? cant believe it!!!!!looks like you had a tough time controlling sneeze.. better than committing a crime ;) isnt it? :)

Ram said...

@Siva: Its between 6pm and 7:30pm that you to fight for your seat. Its worse than engineering counseling. Its better to control your sneeze than end up getting 'COLD' stares.

Anonymous said...

Funny but nice write up man. Your blog is short and sweet.waiting to read more posts.

I can imagine your situation in that auto :-)


Ram said...

Thanks Chandru. Travelling by share auto indeed requires a lot of skill and tolerance levels. Imagine me travelling by it for almost a year and half and guess how my hearing is now?Thanks to nonstop nonsense(FM).

Leola said...

Thanks for writing this.