Monday, July 09, 2007


Memento Facts:
(Spoilers Ahead)

Fact No.1: He is using Sammy's identity to mask his own shortcoming.

Fact No.2: He unknowingly killed his own wife by giving her an insulin overdose.

Fact No.3: He killed Teddy because he had cheated him into killing Jimmy for his drug dealing.

Fact No.4: Teddy always wants to drive Lenny's car because it has 2 million dollars stashed
away in the rear of the car.

Fact No.5: Natalie shows Lenny the picture of herself with Jimmy and tells Leo that Jimmy was
killed by Teddy.

Overall a fantastic movie to watch. Ghajini was nowhere close to this. Sheer class and perfection. Amazing scripting. True treat for viewers.

Guy Pearce brings about a charm to the character.

The DVD opens with a question and answer format and then lets you watch the movie.

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