Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Embarrasment is the Word

Have you ever been embarrased that you want to dig a hole right there and jump into it. I have had a few moments which I would I like to right about.

Once I was travelling by a day train from Tiruchi to Chennai. Since I was travelling by 2nd class sitting, I had to adjust between two medium sized people. Opposite were a old couple who had a look on their face as if I was a biscuit bandit or something. Also they were talking among themselves about how today's teenagers are spoilt brats. I was moving nervously in my seat because I don't like people judging me before even talking a word to me. Suddenly I felt thirsty and I picked up my bottle and drank a gulp of water when suddenly somebody in a far off country thought about me and I had a hiccup. I was unable to control it and spat the water out which nearly landed near the old couple. Thank goodness there was no CRPF(Railway Police) around and we had almost reached chennai. I apologized profusely to them and got down and simply ran away without looking back.

The other incident happened when I was in my seventh standard. I was visiting the airport for the first time. My aunt had taken me with her to receive her daughter who was coming from London. I had bought a slip on shoe the previous day and I was flaunting it in the airport. Suddenly I had the urge to skate on the tile floor. So I ran fast and tried to skate and ended up landing with a thump on the ground. An American was watching my antics with amusement helped to my feet and offered a few words of friendly advice.Whew! So much for 'Who Dares Wins' and 'Ripley's Believe it or Not'.

I get embarrased even today when I think about them. If you have faced any such moments and don't mind getting more embarrased then please let me know in the comments section.

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